Why we do what we do

We created this app for our non-verbal autistic son. Based on the PECS communication system and with this app to support him, he has made remarkable progress and we now have a way to communicate with him, giving us the ability to not only give him what he needs but also what he wants. To most this might seem insignificant, but to us it has been a life changer. And we would like to share it with others out there who might be in the same situation as we are in. Share the love as it were.

Today, 1 in 68 children born across the world are autistic. Many of whom have communication challenges.  Over the past 4 years we have learnt one very important thing that we would like to share with the world, and that is that autism is not a disease or life sentence, it's a privilege to be able to share in and experience the world through the eyes of individuals who truly see and experience things differently. Because after all, what is normal anyway?


Our mission

Upcard aims to empower individuals, families, and organisations; encouraging them to experiment with a technology designed to help them improve their quality of life – one that offers them knowledge and insight into their own unique data, allowing them to progress without forcing them into a predetermined criteria set.

Upcard is flexible enough to adapt to anyone and track just about anything, giving users the ability to measure and visualise their progress, allowing them to make informed improvements that suit and make sense to them.

Upcard aims to achieve this by leveraging technologies like AI and Machine Learning, which, in the near future, may be able to predict potential results.


"You can truly make a difference to the world by removing the power from the authoritative few, and putting it into the hands of the many – especially when it comes to healthcare."