Use the dashboard to get a deeper understanding of your data and how to improve on a daily basis.

Stay informed, keep learning

All of the data generated in Upcard is tracked and stored. Not just for fun; but to create key insights about your child’s progress, which in turn can help you figure out ways to improve the way you do things and ultimately get better results and responses.  

What gets tracked

  • Card usage
  • Plan usage
  • Categories of cards
  • Recorded time 
  • Cards used to help your child speak 
  • Single card use 
  • Single card activity

Safe as a house

All the data that we collect is securely tucked away in the Cloud. Every user’s data is stored in an entirely separate database, and is protected by a duel password system. Basically, if anyone hacked our server it’d be extremely difficult for them to connect each piece of data to a single person – and near impossible for them to get any personal information from us. 

Just so you know… :)


Track and compare

With Upcard you can track any number of cards over time, and compare them directly to each other. In this way you can get useful insights into key activities. For example: is that 30 mins of video gaming each day affecting your child's sleep? Is what they’re eating having an impact on their overall mood? All totally possible to find out.

Machine learning.png

Proactive technology (Coming soon)

Technology has advanced incredibly in recent years and machine learning algorithms are starting to play a bigger role in our daily lives (don’t worry – robots aren’t about run riot or anything… yet).

For developers like us, it means we have more opportunity to harness the power of insight driven data. It’s good news for users too. Machine learning improves your app experience. The more you use the app, the more the technology behind it understands about the way you use it; making things easier for you and your child.  

Imagine being notified in advance that a meltdown could be imminent, or that specific, seemingly ordinary, behaviours actually help to promote or improve your child’s mood or capacity to learn? 

So much is possible and we look forward to the possibilities the future holds.