Daily activity tracker

Track daily activities like sleep, food, and mood.

Knowing what works and what doesn't in your approach to your child's care helps you to be a more proactive parent and a better advocate for your child's future.

Upcard replaces your paper binders and notebooks with a smartphone app that lets you log everything about your child's day, privately & securely. 

Adding an entry

Like everything else, the tracker can reference cards. Adding an entry is simple. Select a card from the list, or use an image from your album or take a picture with the device’s camera. Add a time and a quantity. If you use a pre-created card, the default values of the card will be added to the entry to make things quicker and easier for those repeated things.

Things you can track

  • Food
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Activities
  • and just about anything

Why use a tracker?

The Tracker’s essentially a handy insight into how your child fares over time. With everything in one place, Upcard makes it easy to identify meltdown triggers and patterns in behaviour.

Tracking Chart.png

Track and compare

Compare trackable items over time to see relations between them and see what improves certain things and what makes them worse.

Edit Diary.png

Edit and change entries

All Tracker entries are editable and can be deleted, so If you’ve added something and later realise it’s not quite right, just go back and change it. You can edit the day, time, quantity, and also add entries retroactively.