Visual Planner

Create visual plans with reminders so that everyone knows what’s happening.

What is a plan?

Not knowing what the day has in store for you can be very stressful for some. Trying new things or having something unexpected crop up can be difficult to deal with.

Using Upcard, you can create and share a well-structured plan; one which clearly shows the steps involved; meaning you and your child can focus on each task instead of stressing about what comes next. 

Why use a plan?

Individuals with autism have greater difficulty coping with unstructured time than most, and benefit from increased structure in their lives. 

A well thought out plan...:

  • uses your child’s visual strengths and increases understanding
  • helps your child learn new things and broadens their interests
  • provides tools that allows your child to use skills in a variety of settings
  • can increase your child's flexibility
  • helps your child remain calm in busy times
  • helps your child develop independence

Creating a plan

Making a plan is quick and easy to do in Upcard. 

After adding a main image – a photo or an image from another card – you choose a start and end time, and set the frequency, before outlining the steps involved. 

Upcard's steps are restricted to already-created cards. This helps your child avoid moments of uncertainty, as they’ll be familiar with the cards being used. And should someone else in your care circle want to add a plan, you can rest assured that the plan will be created with words your child knows.

Once a step in a plan is completed, a simple tap on the card flips it; marking it as done. Then it’s logged (in the logbook), making it easy for you to keep track of the day’s activities and keep tabs on particular steps taken. To remove a step that’s already in your logbook, just un-flip it within a short period of time.

time in plan.png

Time in a plan

When adding cards to a step within a plan, if the unit of the card is time, this will allow you to use the time from within the plan. A small white icon will indicate that the card has a time unit and when press will open the timer with that specific card ready to go. Once the timer has ended, saving that time and then flipping that step, the time amount will be added to the logbook. No more needing to jump from one function to the next trying to remember times.

visual ques.png

Visual queues

When a plan's start time is getting near, the little calendar bubble on the home screen will show that card with a counter timer leading up to the plan’s start time. This makes it easy for everyone to prepare for whats coming up.

Notification reminders

A plan is only good if it’s stuck to. By adding a start time, end time and a frequency, Upcard will automatically add notification reminders to let you know when the plan begins. By clicking on the reminder, you’ll be taken directly into that plan so that you’re ready to get started.