Visual Timer

Use the timer or stopwatch, to record or visualise the passing of time.

It's about time

Time is a foreign concept at the best of times, and being able to anticipate how long a moment last can be even more challenging. Upcard allows you to visualise time in a way that makes sense. 

Like sand through an hourglass, the Timer illustrates time passing. You can also show what the time is related so, so your child can see how long they need to wait and what they're waiting for – which helps remove confusion.

Count up and down

The Visual Timer has a countdown timer and stopwatch. Each is used for different reasons but work in exactly the same way.

To get started, select a card, add the time in the input field, and tap the card to start and stop the Timer.

If the card you use has 'Time' assigned to it, when selecting that card in the Visual Timer, the preset default time will be automatically added to the input field – making it really quick and easy to start the Timer for repetitive activities.

Ways to use the Visual Timer

  • Time a specific activity (e.g. a video game session or bathtime)
  • Record the length of a specific event or activity (such as how long it takes to do a puzzle)
  • See the time remaining until an activity begins (“Just five minutes until you can have an ice cream!”)
Visual Timer.png

Why use Upcard's timer?

Most mobile phones have some sort of timer or stopwatch feature. While the basic functionality is great, by using Upcard's timer you help keep things consistent for your child. 

Plus the data the app collects gives you a holistic perspective of your child’s daily activities and progress in one place.


Default times on cards

By adding a default time to a card it makes it easy to quickly pull up that card in the Visual Timer and get started. Upcard can also be used to record time on cards that haven’t been assigned a time category. 


Recording time over time

Every time you use the timer you’ll get the option to save the time. This is a good way to track and monitor progress. It might be that you're trying to reduce the time a certain activity takes, or that you're trying to improve the duration of a specific activity. Regardless of your goal, Upcard allows you to record this data and visualise it over time to help you learn.